Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef – My Story so far

‘Le Petit Chef’ just arrived at the Elch Club Restaurant in Luxembourg. What’s on the menu: Bouillabaisse, Lobster, Chicken, Salad and Ice cream. Who is backing him up this time: Patrice Dumont … C’est formidable 🙂

Lounge in the Sky

If you have ever experienced ‘Dining In The Sky’, then you’ll probably love ‘Lounge In The Sky’ too …

5 unusual Restaurants

5 unusual Restaurants

5 unusual Restaurants | You still think that nothing beats the good old fine dining restaurant to celebrate you wife’s birthday? Well, keep in mind that your best shot needs …

Whimsy is live in KL


There are dinner occasion that remain the same every night. and then, there are those that everyone talks about for years after …