Le Petit Chef is coming to your Restaurant

Le Petit Chef is coming to your restaurant
Le Petit Chef is coming to your restaurant

Le Petit Chef combines Cinema with Fine Dining. He is about to come to your restaurant …

  1.  The concept of ‘Le Petit Chef’
  2.  Our Service for your Restaurant
  3.  Revenue Projection and Benefits
  4.  Sample Timeline
  5.  Le Petit Chef Examples
  6.  The concept of “Le Petit Chef”

The concept of ‘Le Petit Chef’

Le Petit Chef is just 58 mm tall, and he will not grow any larger. He was born in April 2015 at Skullmapping Studios in Belgium. By using a profound artistic knowledge, and combining it with the latest technology, Skullmapping tells stories with stunning bespoke visuals, such as “Le Petit Chef”. The technology is called 3D Projection Mapping.

Our Service for your Restaurant

Content and Software,

Technology and Hardware (including special Crockery),

Online Customer Support,

Manual, Sop and Script,

Digital Marketing and Payment Gateway

Revenue Projection

Revenue Projection based on average numbers, to see what’s in the basket for you:

Recommended minimum price per person (in USD): 100

Estimated persons per Dinner Show: 20 (= 5 tables with 4 guests per table)

Estimated Shows per week: 10 (recommended: 2 per day)

Tickets sold per week: 200

Revenue per week (in USD): 20,000

60% Share for your organization per week: 12,000 … per month: 48,000 USD

Higher prices per person depending on the location are quite common. It will be your decision. Examples:

T.T. Liquor in London charges 95 GBP

The Standard at Smith House in Nashville charges 162.50 USD

Le Chef Restaurant in Geneva charges 129 CHF

Benefits: You can be the first to launch ‘Dinner Time Stories’ in your region. You benefit from existing PR activities, undertaken by 2Spicy Entertainment to introduce the concept to the media and public in your region. Attract new market segments to your business.

Sample Timeline

-2 months before start: Contracts and Deposit

-6 weeks: START OF MEDIA HYPE | Teaser video no. 1 and Menu Proposal

-4 weeks: START OF TICKET SALES | Teaser video no. 2, Press Release, Email Database

-5 days: SETUP | Hardware setup and food approval, Technical Training, Friends & Family trails

-1 day: PRELAUNCH | Media-VIPs-Celebrities-Social Media Influencers, Video Shoot, KOI

Le Petit Chef Examples

Designated 5-star-hotels and restaurants worldwide have been running the ‘Le Petit Chef’ dinners since 2017. Examples:

Park Hyatt Bangkok

The Ritz-Carlton in Abu Dhabi,

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski in Cairo,

InterContinental in Shenzhen,

Four Seasons in Dubai,

Shangri-La in Shanghai.

In just 2 months from now you can run ‘Le Petit Chef’ in your restaurant. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions.

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