Lounge in the Sky

Source: The Elements @ TREC KL

If you have ever experienced ‘Dining In The Sky’, then you’ll probably love ‘Lounge In The Sky’ too. You can be among the first in Malaysia to enjoy this new unique dining atmosphere at TREC KL, a well-known entertainment venue lined with bars and restaurants. You and your friends will be hoisted up 50 meters in the air. This will give you an amazing bird-eye view of Kuala Lumpur whilst enjoying specially-made canapes.

Each experience lasts for about 40 minutes and of course it is very safe. The platform was flown in from Belgium and assembled locally. Guests are strapped in securely before being lifted off by a crane and suspended in the air to enjoy the view and drinks and canapés.

‘Lounge In The Sky’ serves dishes from Element’s chef, Steve Ariffin and drinks from the winner of World Class Bartender 2016, Osmund Bernard. Largest hosting capacity: 32 pax per session. The platform has an add-on-stage feature where live performances, presentations can take place. The organiser provides customisation for private events, celebrations, and special corporate.

Lounge In The Sky – prices

• RM199 per pax for Economy Class (3 course Canape Platter)
• RM299 per pax for Business Class (4 course Canape Platter)
• RM499 per pax for First Class (4 course Canape Platter + gift)

Lounge In The Sky – schedule

from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday):
• 4 sessions from Sun to Thu -> 6:00pm | 7:15pm | 8:30pm | 9:45pm
• 6 sessions on Fri & Sat -> 6:00pm | 7:15pm | 8:30pm | 9:45pm |11:00pm | 12:15am

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

Who is behind all that? TwoSpicy Entertainment Sdn Bhd – again. For the past seven years, the company has been specialising in unique food+entertainment experiences such as ‘Le Petit Chef’, ‘Whimsy’, ‘Dinner in the Sky’ and ‘Plane in the City’. Find out more here -> 2spicy.com.my

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